• How to Get Auto Warranty Coverage for Teen Drivers

    Having a good warranty coverage plan for your vehicle is one of the most important keys to maintaining peace of mind when driving your car. If you’re the parent of one or more teen drivers, you’ll want to be sure that your son or daughter has a solid and reliable warranty coverage plan for the car that they drive. This plan will help to protect your child should the vehicle break down on the side of the road, or in the event in which a part of the car becomes inoperable and you don’t know how to fix it properly. Fortunately, many warranty providers and manufacturers offer a beginner driver warranty program that is designed to help drivers who are just learning the rules of the road and how to operate a vehicle.

    Step 1 – Research Warranty Programs before Purchasing a Car

    One thing to keep in mind while you’re considering purchasing a vehicle is that it can be difficult to negotiate a warranty program after you’ve already driven a car for even a short period of time. For this reason, it’s best if you negotiate the warranty coverage plan for your teenager before you make the official purchase of the car for him or her. Take some time to look online for different warranty coverage plans. Look for warranties in your state and for your type of vehicle. It can be helpful to look at manufacturer websites for more warranty information, and you should also consider third party warranty coverage providers.

    Step 2 – Gather the Necessary Information

    After you’ve decided on a good warranty plan for you and your child, you should gather up the information that will be necessary to provide the warranty company with. This typically includes information about the vehicle itself as well as your insurance policy, drivers licenses and more. If your son or daughter needs to be present at the time of the warranty negotiation in order to sign a form or a contract, be sure to bring him or her with you when you purchase the vehicle and the warranty.

    Step 3 – Work with Your Son or Daughter to Take Advantage of the Warranty

    Car warranties are not particularly useful if they are left untouched. Just because something is the matter with a vehicle that is under warranty protection does not necessarily mean that the damage or the problem will be fixed; it still requires the work of the driver in order to report the warranty damage and file a claim. Work with your son or daughter to learn about how and when to file a warranty claim with your provider. This is not only good to help him or her to be safe on the road, but it will further help them to develop independence and responsibility.