• How to Get an Auto Transport Discount: Cheap Low Rates

    If you want to take advantage of an auto transport discount, you need to plan well in advance and research various companies that offer you promotional rates. Make sure you verify any given company’s standing on the Better Business Bureau and only deal with companies that have good customer satisfaction ratings. To get a good discount, also keep in mind the guidelines given below.

    Getting Cheap Rates:

    • To look for discounted rates, start researching various auto transport companies online. One good site you should research is GLOBAL AUTO TRANSPORTATION. They offer you a 10 percent discount if you book online.
    • Browse your daily newspaper and look for ads listed by different auto movers in your area. Contact them for quotes and compare these quotes with the rates you’re offered online.
    • You could take advantage of discounted rates if you plan to transport your household items along with your car through the same company. Most companies will offer you package deals for the transportation of goods along with automobiles.
    • Contact auto transportation brokers to find out if they can offer you a better deal. Most brokers partner with different auto movers and can help you find a transportation service to meet your budget.
    • Look for auto transport coupons online by visiting the CouponSnapshot website.
    • Since the cheapest deal is not always the best and safest option, read the terms and conditions of the auto transport agreement before signing it. Make sure that the company offers you sufficient insurance coverage so you’re covered in case the vehicle sustains any damage during transportation.

    It’s easier to get your vehicle shipped from one state to another than to have it shipped overseas. If you’re planning an overseas move, find out all about the customs clearance policy so the vehicle is released without any hassle.