• How to Get a Used Car Consumer Report

    When looking at buying a used car, a used car consumer report can offer you peace of mind and help to ensure the safety of your family. Buying used cars requires a significant amount of research as used vehicles often have complex histories that cannot be determined by just looking at them.

    A used car consumer report is an excellent tool that can help you avoid buying a used car with a particularly checkered past. Additionally, they can also help you to avoid certain makes, models or model years which might not suit your needs. One way to review a used car consumer report is to ask questions about your car of interest to the dealer or salesperson and then compare their answers to the information contained within the report. This can offer information that will supplement the report as well as give you an idea of how honest or knowledgeable the dealer or salesperson is about the vehicle.

    There are also a number of independent sources you should research when looking for a used car consumer report. For example, when you visit Consumer Guide Automotive at http://consumerguideauto.howstuffworks.com you can learn more about the used car you are considering by reading consumer guides and vehicle reviews. There are also consumer reports available on comparisons of used cars based on your particular needs. At Consumer Guide Automotive, used cars are also awarded a vehicle rating out of 100 points for you to compare, and you can also enter individual VINs of used vehicles to see the complete history of a used car.

    At http://www.consumerreports.org you will find used car consumer reports which offer advice on the best used cars according to price, value and fuel efficiency. You can also subscribe for regular updates on new deals, reviews and reports of used cars.

    The Consumers’ Union is one of the most trusted sources of information about products and services that offer the most value for the money. They are a completely un-affiliated, not-for-profit organization, and at http://www.consumersunion.org you can search their comprehensive database for a consumer report on the model of used car you are considering, the car dealership you are looking at or the finance company you are using.

    The most important thing to remember when looking at used car consumer reports is to look at more than one source of information and to make sure that all of your information comes from trusted and reputable sites. This allows you to form a picture of not only the specific used car you are looking at, but any wider issues other buyers have discovered with the brand, the manufacturer or the maintenance of the vehicle.