• How to Get a Car Lemon Report

    A car lemon report is a very useful tool when searching for a used car. Any vehicle sold in the United States is subject to Lemon Laws which protect a buyer when purchasing a vehicle. These laws help protect buyers from unknowingly purchasing defective or accident prone vehicles. Anyone selling a vehicle is legally required to disclose any known mechanical defects and the complete service history of a vehicle to any potential buyers. These laws also apply to vehicles that have been wrecked, salvaged or stolen, and cars that have been used in police work, as taxis or as rental cars.

    Where to Find a Lemon Report

    Now that we know what a lemon report is and what the Lemon Law does, how do you find one? The first place to start is with the car itself. In order to get a lemon report you need to get the vehicle identification number which is used when recording any relevant information about each and every vehicle.

    From there you can head to your state’s department of motor vehicles which can help you check the history of any vehicle. If you want to save time or you’re purchasing a vehicle in another state and can’t get to the DMV, there are easier ways.

    Heading online is the quickest and easiest way to find a lemon report, but you want to make sure you use a reputable company. A great place to start would be at, is-it-a-lemon.com, which can give you detailed information about the law itself and help you get a report on any vehicle.

    There are also a number of other websites that can help you get not only a lemon report but also a detailed history on anything involving any vehicle of your choice. Two of the most reputable websites are AutoCheck and Carfax, and they both can give you everything you need to know when purchasing a vehicle.

    So before buying a used vehicle make sure you get a detailed lemon report on every vehicle you are interested in. With reputable companies offering online reports, it is easy to do and could save you a lot of time and money when making a decision as big as purchasing a car.