• How to Find Vintage Car Parts

    One of the most difficult parts of owning a vintage car can be finding vintage car parts. Whether it’s an elusive piece of interior trim, critical engine components or an original set of carpeting, each piece is equally important in creating the perfect vintage automobile.

    Used parts are an obvious choice for any vintage car owner. With a little cleaning, many can be restored to like-new condition. A vintage or collectible car that sees a fair amount of time on the road is an excellent candidate for used parts; they can keep the car looking and running quite well while still maintaining a classic feel.

    New old stock (NOS) parts can be a great find. These are parts produced by the same provider who manufactured them for the sale at the car dealership. This means they may be nearly as old as the vehicles they were built for, but have never been fitted to a car. New old stock parts are great, but often demand a price premium. This is not only because the quality may be better than modern updated pieces, but they can be added to a period correct vehicle without sacrificing originality.

    Here are a few great options for when it comes time find proper vintage pieces:

    • Ebay is home to a vast number of online vendors specializing in every make, model and age. A quick search will often reveal any number of parts available for bid or immediate purchase.
    • Craigslist is a free local classifieds site giving buyers and sellers the ability to deal locally. Popular vintage items can move fast, so be prepared to jump on a good deal.
    • Online forums are a great place to find information on any vintage car. Many larger forums also have a classified section where both cars and parts can be found for great prices.
    • Local events such as swap meets and classic car shows are another excellent way to find parts with face-to-face interaction.

    No matter what the country of origin, there is always a source of used parts to keep any vintage vehicle moving down the road. The parts problem can be tough at times, but it is simply another part of the challenge and fun of owning and driving a vintage car.