• How to Find the Best Electric Cars: Price

    There are several websites that offer you information on an electric cars price, reliability and safety features. However, you should make sure you obtain all your information from reliable sources. After reviewing price guides and obtaining quotes from several dealers, you will be able to negotiate a good deal and benefit from rebates or tax incentives offered for several electric vehicles. To find the best electric car price, follow the guidelines mentioned below.


    • The easiest way to do your research is to have access to the Internet. Look up the NADAguides website and the U.S. News Rankings and Reviews website. You could also purchase a price guide from the NADAguides website or find out the MSRP or invoice price for all hybrid cars.
    • Alternatively, visit the Kelley Blue Book site to find out which is the best electric car available in the market, its price, features and specifications.
    • You could also visit several dealerships in person, to find out the rate offered by most dealers. It’s beneficial to visit at least 3 dealerships before making a choice.
    • Use online quote comparison tools to find out which dealer is offering you the best deal on a hybrid car purchase. You have to beware though, that the lowest monthly price quoted isn’t always the best deal. If you’re financing a new electric car, calculate the overall cost of purchasing the vehicle by taking into account the tenure of your loan, taxes and fees.
    • Lastly visit the IRS.gov website to find out if you qualify for tax credits or incentives for purchasing an eco-friendly vehicle.

    It’s always better to do your research online before visiting dealerships in person to find out what they have to offer. Since many car manufacturers are coming out with new hybrid vehicles each year, the competition is stiff. It’s best to take advantage of such competitive markets and purchase a hybrid car at an affordable price.