• How to Find Reliable Exotic Car Transport

    If you need an exotic car transport company to ship your valuable vehicle across the country or a relatively short distance, you will want to make sure you find a reliable company to do the job. Transferring exotic cars over long distances should involve more than simply driving the vehicle onto an open trailer with many other vehicles and then delivering it to another location. Transporting a vehicle that may cost more than $100,000 in this manner is irresponsible. So, here is a guide that will help you find a transport company to do the job right.

    What You Will Need

    • A computer with an Internet connection
    • An exotic car to transport
    • Basic Internet research skills

    Step 1 – Search for Reliable Transport Companies

    You can use a major search engine to search for transport companies that can ship your exotic car or you can visit sites that specialize in helping you find car transport companies. Websites like Auto-Car-Transport and GoTruckGo allow you to quickly find multiple companies that can handle your exotic car transport needs.

    Step 2 – Request Price Quotes

    Regardless of how you search for exotic car transporter companies, make sure to request quotes from at least four or five different transport services. This will allow you to compare prices as well as delivery times for different companies that can provide the service.

    Step 3 – Evaluate Quotes

    After you receive several quotes for transporting your exotic car, you need to carefully evaluate each one. Don’t compare the quotes based on price alone, but also consider other things such as the type of container that will be used, length of travel or delivery time and where you must travel to pick up the vehicle. You might consider a little less expensive quote if you are willing to travel an hour or two to pick up the vehicle from the transport company. However, always make sure any company you choose uses an exotic car trailer that is enclosed and will protect your vehicle during transport.

    Step 4 – Do some Due Diligence

    Before you make a final decision on a car transport company, you should do some due diligence and research the reputation of the company. Enter the company’s name into a major search engine and look for sites where previous customers of the company may have posted comments or complaints about the company’s service. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau in the town where the transport company’s headquarters office is located. If the company has too many unresolved complaints or problems, choose another transport company.

    Step 5 – Choose a Transport Company

    Once you have done a considerable amount of research, choose the transport company you think will do the best job in transporting your exotic car safely and securely.

    Step 6 – Arrange for Shipment of the Car

    Contact the transport company you have chosen and arrange for shipment of your exotic car. The company will be able to provide you details about how to provide payment, how to arrange pickup of your exotic car as well as delivery and drop off procedures for the vehicle.