• How to Find Out About the Latest Car Lease Sales

    If you want to lease a new vehicle, you should stay informed about the latest car lease sales promoted by car leasing companies and dealerships. Before choosing any particular dealer to work with, equip yourself with information about new car prices, specifications, dealer holdbacks and rebates. If you’re dealing with any particular company for the first time, make sure you research the it on the Better Business Bureau website to avoid dealing with unscrupulous lenders. Since the lease price is negotiable, you can choose to walk away from any dealership if you’re not satisfied with the rate offered. However, you must bear in mind that the lowest monthly payment is not always the best deal. Taxes, acquisition fees and interest increase the total cost of your auto lease.

    Finding the Latest Car Lease Sales:

    • The quickest way to find the latest promotions offered is to research on the Internet. There are several auto leasing companies like Lease Compare and Price Quotes that allow you to take a look at different offers made available by top lending companies.
    • If you want to find monthly car lease specials offered by car makers and dealers, you could also research U.S. News Rankings & Reviews. They offer new and used car rankings and reviews that help you pick an ideal vehicle.
    • Your daily newspaper is another reliable source of information on car leasing deals. You could look through the classifieds or advertisements listed by various dealers or auto makers to stay well informed.
    • Alternatively pick up a copy of Motor Trend to get the latest news in the automotive industry.
    • If you have personal contacts with local dealers, you could also ask them to mail you promotional offers and limited time specials.

    It’s important to sign a car lease at the right time. Since limited time offers are made available several times throughout the year, particularly when vehicle sales are slow, take advantage of these offers to get the car of your choice at a good price.