• How to Find Cheap Hybrid Car Batteries

    The biggest deterrent to the purchase of the hybrid car is the high cost of replacement hybrid car batteries. As of right now these hybrid and electric batteries can set your wallet back to the tune of $3000 to as much as $5000 plus a couple of hundred added on top for the installation of them. Below is the process and the ideas which can help you find to find cheaper prices on the hybrid batteries when the time comes for most consumers to need to replace them.
     The good thing is that hybrid cars are so new that most have not outlived their warranty. Also on the good news side is that most companies are actively looking for ways to improve upon the technology for the hybrid car batteries to bring the prices to a more manageable level.

    The bad news however is that though the hybrid car companies are looking for ways to bring the crippling cost of the hybrid car batteries to a more moderate price they are still very expensive. So what do you do if for some reason you have to buy them?

    Step 1: Call the Hybrid Car Dealership

    As of right now hybrid car batteries can only be purchased from the hybrid car dealerships. Even a search on Google will not find you another place to buy them. They will eventually be available at other places in the future but not yet. Do not call one but two or three nearest dealerships to take quotes.

    Step 2: Check Junk Yards

    The only other place you may be able to find hybrid and electric car batteries cheaper then the dealership is your local junk yard. Even hybrids get wrecked to badly to repair and are junked for scrape. There is a slim chance that the hybrid batteries from one of these scraped cars may still be usable but the chance is slim.

    Step 3: Compare Price

    After analyzing the condition of the battery, compare its price. Once you have all the prices, go for the cheapest yet the one which is better condition.