• How To Find a Used Acura NSX For Sale

    Considered by many to be the first “super-car” from Japan, finding an used Acura NSX for sale takes a buyer beyond the usual places searched for pre-owned vehicles.

    The Acura NSX was produced between 1990 and 2005 by Honda. It sported a rear-wheel drive, all-aluminum V6 mid-engine layout in a sleek two-seater body that appears to be moving fast even when standing still.

    • As with any car, a pursuit for an used Acura NSX would have to start with a base internet search. Go to www.autos.com for a review and the Kelley Blue Book website, (www.kbb.com) to see the market price for the particular year and model used Acura NSX you want to buy.
    • Once you know the price you are willing to pay for your used Acura NSX, it is time to further your search.
    • Because of its low production and “super-car” status, a search for a local used Acura NSX for sale will most probably be limited to a few examples. For a thorough search, think on a national level. Start with www.cars.com and www.autotrader.com. With a nationwide reach and user friendly, these automotive classified websites are your best choice for finding an used Acura NSX, along with “eBay.” Remember that eBay is an on-line auction, so beware of prices spiraling beyond market price.
    • Considering the Acura NSX status as a “super-car” or exotic, do not neglect to search higher-end sites such as www.dupontregistry.com.
    • Acura NSX owners are proud of their vehicles. A small but significant internet community has been active since the NSX’s introduction. Most of these sites have forums where fans of the Acura NSX can discuss issues relating to their Acura and also buy and sell their cars. One of the best sites to find information on an used Acura NSX, and for all matters regarding Acura/Honda, is www.honda-tech.com.
    • Some of the other more popular sites to search for a used Acura NSX are www.nsxprime.com, www.acurazine.com and www.honda-acura.net.

    Don’t forget to check out local high-end dealers and of course, Acura dealers, in addition to online searching. Maximize your options to locate the most fitting used Acura NSX for you.