• How to Donate Your Car to NPR

    National Public Radio has a great program where it is possible to donate your car. This is a great option if you are tired of repairing the old vehicle and want to get rid of it quickly and easily. In many cases it can be deducted from federal taxes. NPR has a show called “Car Talk” that works in conjunction with V-DAC. V-DAC takes care of the car donation process. The cash that would have been received in place is then donated to the station of choice. It is very easy as V-DAC does all the work.

    1. Website or Call

    To begin the donation process, access the car donation page on the NPR website. There is a link call car talk donation program. One you are in the link click on donate now. Alternatively it is possible to donate the car by calling (866)-789-8627.

    2. Details

    In order for the vehicle to be picked up, click on the state where the vehicle is located. Now it is possible to pick which NPR station the money from the sale of your vehicle will go. When the Donate Now button is clicked you will be taken to the Car Talk site.

    3. Vehicle Information

    In order to complete the donation process, it is necessary to provide all of your vehicle information. This includes the make, model, zip code where the vehicle is located as well as the vehicle identification number. Depending on the state where the vehicle is located the title to the vehicle may need to be provided.

    4. Print & Mail the Application

    Once all the information is in the computer, print out the document and mail it to the address that is proved on the application. The V-PAC company will have a local towing company contact you to arrange a good time to get the vehicle. Your presence is not necessary when the tow truck shows up for the vehicle.

    5. Type of Vehicle

    It is possible to donate any type of vehicle including heavy farm equipment, planes, motorcycles, boats, trucks, RVs, and cars. If you have any questions then contact V-DAC. They welcome all types of vehicles.

    6. Sale of Car

    Once the car is picked up the V-DAC company will sell the vehicle if it is in decent condition or the vehicle will be dismantled and then sold for parts. All of the benefits go to the local station. This works well for everyone as it takes the vehicle off your hands, the local station gets the proceeds and you even get a tax write off.

    Why Donate to NPR

    There are many vehicle donation companies out there and the service provided from NPR is completely legitimate.  Many companies are out to get money but V-PAC is here to make a difference to your local stations. By following the donation process the proceeds from your vehicle can go to a good cause. Try to determine how much the station will get for the vehicle and if the charity gets the gross amount or just a percentage of the proceeds.