• How to Compare Used Station Wagon Models

    There are a lot of families and drivers looking around for good used station wagons, but not all station wagons are created equal, and some general tips can help potential buyers find what will fit their particular needs.

    • Search by intended use – Will you be using this station wagon primarily to haul children to school and back? For delivering produce from your garden to a farmer’s market or other destination? To get to and from important meetings? The use of the vehicle will have a lot of influence on what kind of deal you’re looking for, in terms of appearance, size, power and interior.
    • Search by “off road” qualities – No, you probably don’t need an “off road station wagon.” However, buyers should search for engine strength, vehicle clearance and other qualities according to where they live. Those in mountainous regions or around steep hills will need more power and better traction than those who just glide around a flat suburb.
    • Search by transmission type – think about who will be driving the vehicle. Some drivers are okay with stopping at a red light or stop sign on a steep incline with a manual transmission and a carload of kids. Others will be stressed out by the possibility of rolling backward due to slow starting from 1st gear. Consider whether a manual or automatic transmission makes the most sense for your needs.
    • Search by engine size – your location, usual loads and more will lead to considerations about how much power you need in a station wagon. Great big engines will give you great acceleration, but they also hog gas.

    Think about these basic concerns when planning to buy a used station wagon for the next family car.