• How To Compare Used Minivans For Your Needs

    There is a wide range of pre-owned and used minivan models out there, from beautiful, gently-used models to the clunkers of the last generation. In between, there are all kinds of gradations to look at when you are thinking about what’s right for your family.

    Comparing used minivans means assessing your specific financial situation, and figuring out how much minivan you really want. Much of this process has to do with determining the maximum liability you want in a family vehicle, as so much of vehicle cost year to year depends on the value of a vehicle and its condition. Here are some quick tips to think about when assessing used minivan options.

    • Look at mileage – when you inspect different vehicles, think about what you want to get out of the vehicle. Is this a long-term investment, or just something to get you from point A to point B? A later model vehicle with less mileage will get you a long way without extensive repairs (think under 50k miles). Otherwise, you can get a cheap purchase on minivans with more mileage and take your chances.
    • Look at wear – do you need an immaculate body for your vehicle purchase, or can you make do with a more worn minivan model? Think about whether you want to keep the vehicle in pristine condition, or whether your kids will just trash it anyway. Buying a vehicle with some “pre-worn” interior can get you a bargain, to an extent. On the other hand, if you’re looking at resale down the road, you want a new, clean interior and a perfect body look.
    • Assess insurance and liability – choose your vehicle year by getting insurance quotes. Then, think about what you want to pay to keep the minivan on the road and buy accordingly.

    These are some good indicators for figuring out what year of minvan you may want. Figure out your specific goals for using a minivan, and you’ll know more about what kind of purchase works for you.