• How to Buy and Sell Classic Cars Online: 3 Vital Web Secrets

    Being successful at selling classic cars online can be easy if you have the right information and know how. Whether you’re selling cars on a lot or online, the same types of rules are going to apply to be successful. Listed below are three tips and things you should know before you post your first online ad or try and buy your first car.

    Selling Online: Know What‘s Hot

    You have to know what people are buying or wanting to buy, if the price is right. In order to check this market trend you’ll need to use multiple forms of media as your sources of information. Listed below are some sources of information that you should use to see what people are buying.

    • EBay Motors – This is the automotive side of eBay. Look through the site to see what listings are receiving the largest amount of attention. As you’re looking at the various listings, check to see what the seller has the vehicle listed for and see how many bids there are for it. The more bids there are, the more popular the vehicle is.
    • Craigslist – Craigslist is similar to eBay, except the bidding is usually done by email instead of on the site. Check to see what kinds of cars are listed and for how much.
    • Local newspaper classifieds – This will give you an idea of the cars that people in your area have available. Also look in the ‘Wanted’ section of the classifieds to see what people want to buy.
    • Free automotive seller magazines – Some of these are directed at specific makes and models, while others are directed at the classic car industry in general.

    Buying or Selling: Know What Its Worth

    No matter if you’re planning on buying or selling a car online, you need to know what the car is worth before you do anything besides making plans. Again, eBay and Craigslist are good places to start to get a general idea of what people that are currently selling vehicles think they are worth. The NADA site, run by the National Automobile Dealers Association, is the most authoritative source for pricing when it comes to classic and vintage cars. If you’re looking to buy or sell show quality cars, then you should look at the two major auto auction sites, Barret-Jackson and Mecum. These two sites will give you historical data that runs from just a few months old to about six or seven years old.

    Know Where To List and Look

    This is probably the easiest part of buying or selling online. There are two main sites that can be used for buying and selling online, eBay Motors and Craigslist. These two are the top names in the online buying and selling of cars arena. To find other sites where you can buy and sell vehicles online, you can perform Google searches using such keywords as ‘buy classic cars online’ or ‘sell classic cars online.’

    These three pieces of information will help you get started buying and selling classic cars online, and have the best overall experience possible doing either.