• How to Buy an SUV from a Private Seller: Tips for Lowering the Price

    Before you make contact with any private seller in order to purchase a used sports utility vehicle, you’ll do well for yourself if you learn about how to buy an SUV from an individual. There are a number of benefits to buying SUVs from individuals rather than working with used dealerships. Among them is the fact that often affordable SUVs are available for much lower prices from individual sellers than from dealerships. In order to get the best deals on cheap SUVs from these individuals, read on.

    1 – Know What You Want and How Much It Regularly Costs

    You’ll do well to be informed about the various types of SUVs that are available to you. If you have a specific vehicle in mind, research that car thoroughly before contacting any used vehicle sellers. You’ll want to know how much each year of the car typically sells for through a dealership. You can find national averages for sale prices of these cars by looking them up in the Kelley Blue Book or the Nada Guide.

    You should also learn about how to inspect a car and print out a specific used vehicle inspection report checklist for the particular SUV that you’re interested in. Bring this with you when you go to see the car.

    2 – Identify Any Problems with the Vehicle

    When you go to actually inspect and test drive the SUV, be sure to know exactly how to determine the condition and quality of it. Thoroughly examine the vehicle and make an assessment before you determine the price, if at all possible. Be sure to ask about any damage or visible signs of major maintenance. If the seller has a vehicle inspection report, use that to consider the value of the car as well.

    3 – Make an Offer

    Figure out how much the seller is asking for the vehicle and make an offer that you deem to be reasonable. This can be anywhere from the price of the vehicle that he’s asking for or several hundred (or even a few thousand) dollars lower. You should also know whether or not there are any other offers on the table, as someone who offers more money will very likely outbid you.

    4 – Offer Items in Trade

    Just as you can offer a used car that you own in trade to a used car dealership in order to lower the price, you can often do the same with individual sellers. Speak with the seller and determine if he or she is looking for a new vehicle or replacement parts for an older car. If you can make any offers of goods to go along with the price of the vehicle, this can sometimes lower the amount of money that you pay.

    As always, it’s best to be friendly and gracious with any seller that you work with.