• How to Buy an SUV for the Right Price while Avoiding Lemons

    One of the biggest concerns that many people have while looking to buy SUV parts or vehicles is that they’ll find a car that is a good deal, a good price and not full of problems. While buying new SUVs typically is a surefire way of avoiding vehicles with pre-made damage (also known as “lemons”), it’s possible that even a brand new car can be somewhat faulty. To find the best SUV for the right price and free of any damage or broken components, follow these steps.

    Step 1 – Look Online

    Begin by looking for SUV dealers in your area. Whether you’re planning on getting a used or a new vehicle will help to determine exactly how you go about your search. Used vehicles can often be found at both used car dealerships and through private sellers. New cars, on the other hand, are best purchased through licensed dealers. Do a search for the make, model or year of SUV that you’re interested in buying as well as the city, state or zip code in which you live. Take note of any dealerships that you find in your Internet search results, and be sure to note the contact information for those companies as well.

    Step 2 – Look in the Phone Directory

    Look for listings of car dealerships in the phone directory listings for your area. You’ll likely find many of the same car dealerships listed here as you found online. Compare your two lists and be sure to add any directories that you didn’t already find online to the list.

    Step 3 – Visit the Dealerships and Inspect Vehicles

    If you know exactly which SUV you’re interested in already, visit the specific dealerships that will be able to provide that vehicle to you. If, on the other hand, you’re not exactly sure which car is right for you, explore different dealerships until you find a vehicle that suits your needs and desires. Be sure to thoroughly inspect the vehicles before you consider buying them. You can download a vehicle inspection checklist off of the Internet; take this with you to be sure that you don’t miss out on any parts of the car that may be faulty.

    Step 4 – Test Drive

    Test drive any SUVs that you’re interested in. This gives you the chance to experience how well a vehicle drives before you commit to negotiations or to buying it. This step is also very important if you’re looking at a used vehicle. If you’re shopping for a used SUV, ask for a completed and official vehicle inspection report before you test drive the car, so that you know what to expect.

    With the wide selection of cars that you found, you’ll have no trouble finding a good deal; just be sure that any vehicle you’re considering is in good shape as well.