• How to Buy an Old Car

    The desire to buy an old car is something that most automobile enthusiasts have had at one point or another during their lives. Whether it’s a reminder of times past or a fascination with older technology, classic cars are something many automobile enthusiasts find irresistible. In this article you’ll find a few things to think about when looking for the right old car.

    • If finding an all-original classic is important to you, it may be worth looking for a numbers matching car. Before vehicle identification numbers became standard, manufacturers would stamp matching serial numbers on various body and mechanical components. In a numbers matching car all of these stampings will correspond. Manufacturers had different marking methods, so a little research will be needed to make sure all the important locations are checked.
    • If you’re looking for a drivable classic, you may have to make some sacrifices to find a vehicle in your price range. A great running car may need bodywork, just as a freshly restored chassis might need an engine. The best deals tend to need a little work.
    • Bring a magnet. Check each panel of the car for shoddy repair work by gently allowing the magnet to attach to the car. Any portions with significant amounts of body filler will quickly become obvious.
    • Rubber seals have a tendency to collect dirt and moisture, which are the prime ingredients for rust. Take the time to check the areas around the windshield, doors and rear window glass.
    • As much as it may hurt, taking a low mileage auto for a spin will be the only way to determine if everything is in working order. If an owner refuses a test drive because they don’t want to add mileage or deal with insurance issues, it may be time to look elsewhere.
    • Be leery of any car that has had a large number of recent owners. This may be an indication of an ongoing problem.

    Finding the right car can be trying at times, but nothing beats the excitement and spirit that comes along with owning a great old car.