• How the Purple Heart Car Donation Program Works

    The Purple Heart Car Donation program benefits wounded veterans nationwide. The program will provide donors with a 100% tax deductible receipt and the proceeds will benefit local wounded veteran outreach programs in your community and nationwide.

    How to Arrange to Donate

    The easiest way to schedule your donation is to call the nationwide program office at 1-888-414-GIVE(4483). There is also an online donation form that requests contact information and information on the car you wish to donate. Once the organization has all of your contact and vehicle information, including any special mechanical needs, one of their contracted towing companies will contact you to arrange to come out and pick the vehicle up. The tow operator will need the keys and the signed off title before they leave. The tow operator will issue a receipt confirming that you have donated the car to the Purple Heart Car Donation Program, and that the car was picked up on their behalf. Approximately 10 to 15 days later, after the program is in possession of your donated vehicle, you will receive a 100% tax deductible receipt confirming your donation to the IRS. There are also donation centers where you can make your charitable car donation in person.

    What Can be Donated

    The Program accepts all running and non-running cars, boats, motorcycles and RVs.

    Program Benefits

    There are many benefits to using the Purple Heart Disabled Veteran Car Donation program. Some of these benefits include:

    • No need to worry about expensive repairs.
    • You will most likely receive a higher value in tax deductions than you would receive as a trade in value.
    • No need to worry about possible expensive repairs.
    • No hassle with finding a buyer.

    If you have further questions about the Purple Heart Car Donation Program, visit the website or call the number given above.