• How Many 100% Electric Cars are Available Right Now

    There are several different models of electric cars available for direct sale to consumers at present. If you are planning on buying electric car then do take a look at this list of top electric cars for 2010

    The Tesla 2011 Model S and the Tesla Roadster

    This company has created two different models of electric cars that are for sale. At present, the Roadster model is the only one that is considered road worthy and highway capable. These models use lithium ion batteries that allow them about 200 miles per charge. The world distance record is more than 501 km for an electric car and that is currently held by the Tesla Roadster. The Tesla Roadster has a price tag of about US$ 101,500 with a federal tax rebate of $7,500. the same car also gets substantial incentives in Europe and 100 tax waivers in several countries across the world. The company can be contacted at www.teslamotors.com for additional information on cars and prices

    Think City- The 2-Door Coupe

    This car is being made by an car company that is located in Norway. Think City is only one of the three certified cars electric cars that are highway tested. Think has been around for 17 years and the car is now in its fifth design generation. Due to the global recession, the car company however has decided to limit its activities to Europe and may enter the US late in 2010. The car costs $35,000 or less depending on the battery costs. The Think Models meet all US and European safety requirements and are also highway tested. The company also has an innovative arrangement to make sure that the batteries are replaced on your car. When you feel that the batteries are not holding a reasonable charge you can return them and the company will give you a new one under a lease agreement. You can get in touch with the company at this website here http://en.think.no

    The Nissan Leaf

    This company is well known for its really great cars. The company announced an electric car model in 2009 and the car is expected to reach the markets by late 2010. But the car is being released in limited editions and select markets in North America and Japan. Full availability will only in late 2012. The car is estimated to cost about $30,000 and Nissan has invested heavily in creating really great cars. Additional features include battery swapping, leased batteries, purchase price discounts and even a charging system timer that can be controlled by a cell phone. You can get more information about the model and the car company here

    The Reva

    The Reva is a electric car company that is located in Bangalore, India. The car is one that has been designed to be compact and the first model is already out on the streets. A new model is predicted to be ready by late 2011. The second model is based on better conservation of energy and users will find that the car has become cheaper too. The company plans to produce much more practical as well as cheaper cars that can be use by the masses.

    Apart from these main models there are several more electric cars out in the market. You can find a complete list of the electric cars for sale at this website