• Honda Odyssey Rims: Pricing Options and Size Requirements

    If you plan on upgrading the Honda Odyssey rims that come with your vehicle, or if you need to replace the existing Honda Odyssey factory rims due to damage or loss, you’ll need to do some research before you can complete your selection process. A good Honda Odyssey rims pax system can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to thousands, and it all depends upon what you hope to get out of your rims and which styles you choose. To avoid spending more money than you have to, you’ll need to familiarize yourself first with the size requirements and other configuration requirements for the Honda Odyssey minivan. Read on for an overview of some of this information.

    Size Requirements for Honda Odyssey Rims

    Most Honda Odyssey wheels are 16 inch steel or alloy type wheels. These wheels are well suited to 16 inch rims of various types. If you purchase another size rim for your wheels on the Honda Odyssey, the fit may not be correct and you may run into problems. With 16 inch wheels, most 17 inch rims will also fit over the wheel coverings. This does provide a distinctive look that many people find attractive on their vehicles, but you should be aware of the size that you purchase before you make your selection of a rims package.

    If you have any doubts about the size of your Honda Odyssey wheels, or if you’re unsure if a particular set of rims are sized properly for your wheels, take your Honda Odyssey in to a mechanic or another specialist at an auto shop for an evaluation. This can be done in minutes and many people will assist you for free or for a nominal fee; this will provide you with peace of mind when you make your final rim selection.

    Other Requirements for Honda Odyssey Rims

    Honda Odyssey wheels have 5 lug nut slots, and rims with 4 lug nuts will not fit properly over these wheels. This is a crucial bit of information to keep in mind, as it can help to prevent you from purchasing unnecessary rims that will not work properly for your vehicle. Additionally, the wheels of the Honda Odyssey require that the lug nuts be 114.3 millimeters, so be careful not to purchase lug nuts of another size.

    Pricing Options

    The cheapest rims for the Honda odyssey typically run about $100 per rim, or roughly $400 per set. On the more expensive end, rims can range up to $250 apiece and some specialty rims may be even more expensive than that. Keep in mind also that this cost does not include the installation costs for Honda Odyssey rims; this may add a bit of additional charge for the cost of labor necessary to install the Honda Odyssey rims on your wheels. Ask a representative at an auto shop for some additional assistance.