• Honda Odyssey Reviews: Understand What the Consumer Reports are Saying

    Honda Odyssey reviews routinely rank this minivan as one of the top two vehicles in its class and size category. The other vehicle that tends to challenge the Odyssey for the position of leading minivan is the Toyota Sienna, but the Honda Odyssey specs typically edge out the Sienna for the victory. Reading reviews from customers on a Honda Odyssey forum is an excellent place to get a sense for the inner workings of the vehicle and how people react to owning and driving a Honda Odyssey. Consumer reports sites, however, are maintained by professional reviewers and are useful because you can compare a variety of different vehicles that are all observed and commented on by the same people. Because the Odyssey routinely wins out for best minivan on consumer reports sites, this is a significant achievement for the vehicle itself and for Honda as the manufacturer.


    The Honda Odyssey has one of the best mileage ratings for a minivan available today. Although this mileage rating is not significant compared with hybrid vehicles and smaller cars, it is nonetheless at the top of its class. Even with an excellent mileage rating, the Honda Odyssey manages to have a powerful motor and excellent pickup. Reviewers routinely praise this car for its ability to accelerate quickly; it feels as though you have quite a bit of power at your disposal when you’re driving a Honda Odyssey.

    The Honda Odyssey is also well known for its handling. The vehicle is highly maneuverable and can navigate through difficult obstacle courses with ease. Its size and sturdiness allow it to be driven on virtually any kind of normal driving terrain with little difficulty.


    The Odyssey is excellently designed for a variety of drivers, from individual drivers who need to store equipment and other cargo to families that transport children. There is ample space within the vehicle and plenty of flexibility afforded by removable seats that also lower down for your convenience. The interior is spacious for passengers and is sleekly designed. Many people find the exterior of the Honda Odyssey to also have a sleeker look than competing minivans as well, which is an important consideration for some people who may worry about a minivan looking boxy and unattractive.

    Honda provides an excellent warranty on its vehicles, and you can expect to receive at least a 3 year or 36,000 mile bumper to bumper guarantee on the whole vehicle, with a 5 year or 60,000 powertrain warranty as well. In addition, a corrosion warranty is available for the Honda Odyssey as well.

    The overall value of the Honda Odyssey is excellent too; it is inexpensive in comparison with many other vehicles on the market today, and consumer reports agree that it has an excellent resale value if maintained well.

    Consider purchasing a used or new Honda Odyssey if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, even if it’s not a minivan.