• Honda Fit Reviews: Understand What the Consumer Reports are Saying

    Honda Fit reviews can provide you with an objective viewpoint when you have questions about a car you’re looking to purchase, or have questions about a car that you may already own. Consumer reporting websites can be found quickly by using your favorite search engine. Many articles are written by professionals hired to get the facts, while other websites offer forums or comments directly written by people who have experience with this car. If you’re looking for this information, you can easily learn all you need to know about the Honda Fit bottom line.

    Honda Fit Reviews

    The consensus among many websites is that this car is an excellent choice for consumers on a budget, looking to purchase a compact car. By reading most Honda Fit reviews, you’ll learn that the vehicle is high on gas mileage, has a surprisingly spacious interior and handles well. Standard features are generous, including air-conditioning, a CD player and a tilt and telescopic steering wheel. While you’ll have to pay extra for an automatic transmission, you’ll find that the roominess, fuel economy and general ‘feel’ of the car are above par. Honda Fit Sport reviews will generally give you additional knowledge of the upgraded version of the car. As you might expect, for the additional cost of a Honda Fit Sport you’ll get a sportier feel, larger wheels, more interior speakers and a USB port compatible with the iPod. You can also opt for a touchscreen navigation system in 2009 and later models.

    Problems With the Honda Fit

    Some Honda Fit reviews will give you a quick-glance ratings system for points such as style, performance, quality, safety and features. You can usually read on to get a breakdown of reasons why each point has been rated as such. You may have to dig a little deeper if you want specifics about any disappointments you might expect to run into. While there are relatively no real issues with the Honda Fit, at least in comparison to its many highly ranked characteristics, it may be helpful for you to be aware of the downside. Older and used models have a little less space and fewer standard features. This car does have a taller appearance which may not be appealing to some drivers. While the car can reach 60mph in a little under nine seconds, you may experience unwanted road and engine noise at higher speeds. There has also been a recall on some models for a malfunction of the power window switch when it comes into contact with excessive liquid.


    All in all, you can weigh all points from Honda Fit reviews and likely decide that the good far outweighs any negative. Before its appearance in the US, this car was tested and driven for several years in Japan, therefore ironing out most of the kinks that come with a new model of vehicle. Remember to research additional information when looking to purchase a used Honda Fit, such as vehicle history reports, blue book values and specifics for each model year.