• Honda CRV Reviews: Understand What the Consumer Reports are Saying

    Most Honda CRV reviews confirm why the vehicle is one of the best selling small-size SUVs in the United States. Between the variety of Honda CRV specs and the excellent Honda CRV gas mileage, as well as the overall safety and ease with which the CRV can be driven, it routinely comes up among the most desired vehicles in its class. The 2009 model is particularly highly regarded for being an excellent mixture of functionality, sleek design and luxury specs with a moderate price tag. Read on for some additional information from the consumer reports on the 2009 Honda CRV, which can be extremely helpful if you’re thinking of investing in one.

    Honda CRV Functionality

    Reviews are wholly positive for the functionality and ease of driving the Honda CRV. The CRV is recommended across the board for being easy to maneuver in difficult road conditions, particularly if you select the 4 wheel drive option over the 2 wheel drive one. Additionally, the display on the dashboard is large and backlit in order to make it easier for you to interpret the odometer readings and any other information needed from this portion of the car display system.

    Reviewers find the CRV to respond well to small changes in driving and steering practices. The vehicle is not the most powerful SUV on the road, but it nonetheless has ample power for a car of its compact size. Many people find the Honda CRV to be an excellent choice for an adventure vehicle, given its compact size in combination with its ease of use and ability to carry a hefty load of luggage or sports equipment.

    Honda CRV Design

    The CRV is a small vehicle, and it doesn’t have the same interior space as a larger SUV. However, most reviewers found that the interior space within the CRV was sufficiently comfortable. Nonetheless, you will not be able to fit as much cargo within the CRV body as you would inside of a larger SUV.

    The CRV comes equipped with a variety of optional luxury features, including moon and sun roof, climate control, multi-disc changer and more.

    Honda CRV Concerns

    The single largest consumer complaint about the Honda CRV, regardless of model year, was the tendency for the tires to wear out quickly out of the manufacturer’s warehouse. The standard issue CRV tires tend to suffer damage and other wear and tear much more readily and after fewer miles than those of competing SUVs in the same class. This ultimately means that you’ll need to expect to replace the tires sooner than you might otherwise have. Also, damaged tires can potentially be a danger to your safety, as they may make the vehicle more prone to accidents on the road.

    If you have any other questions about the Honda CRV, consult with a licensed dealer.