• Honda Accord Reviews: Understand What the Consumer Reports are Saying

    Honda Accord reviews are helpful when making a decision to purchase this type of car. The Honda Accord sedan, a popular car for people in all walks of life, has a lot of helpful features to it. However, Honda Accord car reviews also point out features that could use some improvement. Understanding what the reviews are saying can help you make a more educated opinion about the Accord.

    Honda Accord Specifications

    Reviews will list specifications about a vehicle, which are basic details about the car. The Accord comes with two or four doors and enough space for five passengers. Its drive train (what makes the Accord move) comes with a 2.4-liter in-line, 4-cylinder or V6 engine with 177 horsepower and a transmission that can be manual or automatic. Starting price for the latest model is close to $22,000.

    The Honda Accord is offered as a sedan that has four doors, coupe with two doors, and station wagon with a hatchback trunk.

    Understanding Positive Honda Accord Consumer Reports

    Consumer reports have rated the Accord as one of the most reliable cars. It’s known to have solid engineering, high safety ratings and a good resale value. Because of Honda’s history of dependability, experts in the auto industry feel comfortable advising those on a limited budget to purchase an Accord model made in the mid-1990s.

    Reviewers are often pleased with the exterior design of the latest models—particularly the exterior lines and headlights. As a basic, mid-sized car, the Accord continues to be rated high in comfort, too. The amount of leg room available, particularly in the front seats, received high ratings along with the amount of trunk space available.

    Reviews about the Accord will include how it felt to drive the car. Steering the Accord while on the road felt very smooth, making the sedan easy to drive. Reviewers also commented the throttle responded very well and they especially appreciate the navigation system that’s voice-controlled.

    Negative Honda Accord Consumer Reports 

    No review is complete without commenting on how a car could be improved. Several reviewers commented on the Accord’s lack of perks. The upholstery received many negative scores, and the interior reportedly boasted too much plastic. The interior decor appeared too plain to reviewers, who were also confused with the variety of buttons available on the dashboard.

    While the Honda Accord went over city streets smoothly during the reviewers’ test drive, it seemed to resist getting up to speed on the highway. The brakes on this sedan aren’t anything to brag about and the road noise is more than noticeable. People also reported they didn’t like how the car felt when it idled as the vibrations could be felt in the steering wheel.

    Regardless of the negative consumer reports about the Honda Accord, it still remains one of the most highly recommended cars by consumers and those in the auto industry. Understanding what you’re reading or hearing about the Honda Accord can help you determine if the positive or negative aspects of it matter to you.