• Homemade Electric Cars Vs Commercial Electric Cars

    When people refer to homemade electric cars, they are most often speaking about cars that were modified from standard fuel models into hybrid or electrically powered vehicles. There are a number of different ways and processes that you may go through in order to convert these cars, but an electric car conversion kit is the most popular of them. Read on for a brief comparison of these vehicles with commercial electric car sales.

    Homemade Electric Cars

    Homemade electric cars tend to get poor gas mileage and efficiency ratings in comparison with standard, commercial electric cars. The reason for this is that it’s difficult to properly tune a vehicle to work on electricity. The benefit to making your older vehicle into an electric car is that it’s a good way of revitalizing the motor and making your car more environmentally friendly for a small amount of money.

    Commercial electric Cars

    Although commercial electric cars are almost always more expensive than homemade versions, they generally get much better mileage ratings. The result is that you can stand to save a lot of money off of the cost of fuel over the lifetime of a standard electric car. Additionally, these cars do not require dozens or even hundreds of hours of work, as an electric car conversion kit might. If you do not have experience working with cars, a commercial vehicle is probably the best one for your needs.

    Ask a mechanic or a specialist in yoru area for more information to help you make your decision between these two types of electric cars.