• Getting the Best Price on a Dodge Challenger

    When Dodge released the Challenger last year, Mopar fans everywhere rejoiced at the prospect of reliving their muscle car days in modern style and comfort. Now, after having a full year to get the recipe just right, the 2009 model has even more to offer. In this guide, we’ll give you a few tips to get the best price on a 2009 Dodge Challenger.

    • First, decide on which trim level you want. The V6 SE models are obviously going to be the least expensive and will still deliver a reasonable amount of performance. But if you’re an enthusiast, the V8-equipped R/T and SRT-8 models will most likely be the ones you’re after.
    • Check for manufacturer rebates and other incentives. These can offer huge chunks of cash off the sticker price of a new Challenger or low-interest financing. Visit http://www.carsdirect.com/dodge/challenger/rebates for more.
    • Find out the invoice price of the car you’re interested in by doing some research online. By knowing what the car costs to the dealer, you can then negotiate your way up from there as anything above invoice is pure profit for them.
    • Although the 2009 Challenger doesn’t qualify as a replacement vehicle under the CARS (Car Allowance Rebate System) program, there is another service that offers up to $4,500 for your trade-in called The 2009 Automotive Stimulus Program. Independently funded by a group of 40 dealers from around the country, the program is designed to offer new car buyers that don’t qualify for the government’s rebate other incentives to purchase a car that gets better mileage than their trade-in. Because the requirements aren’t nearly as strict as Cash for Clunkers, the 2009 Challenger would be an eligible replacement vehicle as long as your trade-in gets less than the combined 20 mpg of the V6 models. You may have a tougher time getting a rebate with the V8 models, however.

    By following these tips, you should have a 2009 Dodge Challenger sitting in your garage in no time at all.