• Get Pre Approved Car Finance in 3 Easy Step: Car Loans

    Getting pre approved car finance is important before buying a car. Car financing rates at a dealership are going to have higher car loan rates than private lenders. Securing financing before you even walk into the dealership will save you money, as well as give you piece of mind that you will have the financial backing to buy the car that you want.

    Step 1: Make Calls

    First, you will want to shop around to find some of the offers being offered currently. Make calls to different lenders in your area and get their quotes for length, interest rates, etc. It will be much cheaper to go through these lenders than the car dealership.

    Step 2: Credit Check

    Go to one of the three big credit score companies and get your credit score. You get one free check per year without it hurting your score. Make sure your credit is up to check and the best that it can be. If it is less than stellar, you may want to wait a bit to get your car, this way you can get a better interest rate in the long run.

    Step 3: Paperwork

    Gather up all your paperwork for when you physically go down to talk with the company you choose. You will need information regarding where you live, your credit information, employment history, bank records, and even past years tax reports. The more information you can provide, the better your chances of being pre approved.

    Getting pre approved is not required before buying a car, but it can definitely facilitate the process to move quicker and smoother.