• Get a Classic Car Insurance Online Quote Now: How to Guide

    Finding classic car insurance online can take a little work. The trick is finding the best quote.

    Step One – Insurance Comparison Sites

    There are many insurance comparison sites online and all of them can offer classic car insurance quotes. They’re a widely used source of cheap insurance quotes for many drivers.

    They’re good, but the problem is that they’re set up for general drivers, not for classic cars. As all owners know, classic cars have specific needs when it comes to insurance. Although it’s feasible to find a quote that will save money, it might not be able to have all the details classic car owners desire in insurance. It’s still worth checking out these sites in order to see their offers. You might be able to tweak things to offer what you need for your own case.

    Step Two – Specialist Sites

    There are several companies that specialize in giving a classic car insurance quote online. Classic cars are their only business and they’re set up to meet the needs of owners while remaining competitive. They’ll offer a muscle car quote for insurance, too.

    It’s easy to lower the quote. Make sure all named drivers are over 25 and have good driving records for the last nine years. All drivers should also have other vehicles, and the classic car should only be for recreational use, mostly in the neighborhood or to drive to car shows. Doing all this will ensure you receive the lowest possible quote. Also make sure that the classic car is kept somewhere secure, such as a garage, where it can’t be seen from the street.