• Get a Car Hauler for the Cheapest Price: 6 Car Transportation Tips

    If you want to transport your vehicle inexpensively, consider renting a car hauler to get the job done. Although you will be able to transport the vehicle through different companies, hauling the vehicle on your own is a much cheaper option. To get a car hauler for the cheapest price, follow the guidelines below.

    1. Compare Quotes

    Begin by doing research on the Internet. Start looking up companies like U-Haul and movemycar.com to find out the cost of renting the hauler. Once you get different quotes, read the terms and conditions carefully to find out which is the best deal.

    2. Hidden Costs

    Get a proper break down of the amount you will be charged for renting the car hauler. Some companies are known to add hidden fees to the total cost and this increases the rate tremendously.

    3. Type of Hauler

    If you want an enclosed hauler, you will have to be prepared to spend a little more money. Enclosed haulers protect your vehicle from damage and are more expensive to rent. If you choose an open hauler or a flatbed you won’t end up paying as much.

    4. Extra Charges

    If you’re renting the hauler for a specific period of time, find out when you need to drop it off. Most companies will charge you an extra fee for not dropping off the hauler within the given timeline.

    5. Contact Independent Transportation Companies

    Apart from getting quotes online, contact a few transportation companies located in your area to find out what they would charge you to rent a hauler. Compare their quotes with the ones you got online and make a final call.

    6. Buying a Used Car Hauler

    If you will be using the hauler more than once in the future, consider purchasing a used car hauler. You could either research eBay or Craigslist for this purpose.

    If you need to transport the vehicle from one state to another, make sure you prepare it beforehand. You could look up the guidelines listed on any transporting company website to learn how to prepare a car that needs to be shipped or transported.