• General Motors Warranty Coverage Options

    A General Motors warranty is a guarantee by GMC that the vehicle that you’ve purchased new from the manufacturer is a high quality and operable car. Manufacturers provide a GM factory warranty and a variety of extended General Motors Warranty packages in order to help give consumers peace of mind. The warranty guarantee is a promise from the manufacturer that the vehicle sold is in good condition; by offering to repair or replace any of the components of the vehicle that break down or become defective within the first few months and several thousand miles driven, the manufacturer helps to protect your investment as a consumer.

    General Motors Standard Warranty Agreement

    The standard agreement that General Motors provides along with each new car at the time of purchase is good for 3 years of driving or for 36,000 driven miles, whichever comes first. This means that at any time during the first 3 years of ownership of the car (regardless if you’re the original owner or not) and provided that the car doesn’t have at least 36,000 miles on the odomoter, GM will repair or replace virtually all parts of the car, bumper to bumper. The exception to this is a part that tends to break down or wear out naturally due to wear and tear; these parts include brake pads, oil filters and similar components of your vehicle.

    General Motors Powertrain Warranty Agreement

    General Motors also offers a powertrain warranty coverage agreement with new cars that are sold. The powertrain coverage is good for any of the components that make up your car’s powertrain. These include the engine, the transmission and the computer system that runs the transmission system, the drive axle and more. These are some of the most expensive and complicated parts of your car, and they are also designed to last for a long time after the initial purchase of your car. For this reason, the GMC warranty for these parts is quite a bit longer and more extensive than the standard warranty agreement; GMC’s warranty for the powertrain on your car is good for 5 years or for 70,000 driven miles, whichever comes about first.

    Corrosion Protection Warranty

    Corrosion is a potentially serious source of damage to any car. If corrosion or rust develops on the exterior of a car, it can easily spread and cause severe damage to many different components to that vehicle. Fortunately, GMC provides a warranty guarantee that protects against rust and corrosion on certain parts of your vehicle. This corrosion protection warranty agreement is good for 6 years or for 100,000 miles driven after the initial purchase of the vehicle.

    There are additional warranties that you can purchase on top of these basic warranties for your General Motors vehicle. In order to find more information about these extended warranties, and also to learn about the process of transferring warranties when you buy a used GMC vehicle, consult with a dealer.