• Gas Electric Hybrid Cars Vs. Diesel Hybrids

    For many Americans the marriage of gasoline and electricity in their vehicle is the best of both worlds and that’s what they call as gas electric hybrid cars. You can have a low carbon footprint to assuage the guilt of destroying our only planet along with the traditional love we Americans have of the road trip. And as a bonus get almost 600 miles to a single tank of fuel.  But what if we were to tell you that there is a new hybrid on the horizons that grants another 30% better fuel mileage then gas electric hybrid cars?

    Power House Buses

    While not really new the diesel electric hybrid has been powering buses and trains for a few years now, the average consumer will soon have diesel as an option in the hybrid car market.  In December DaimlerChrysler paved the way when they manufactured 100 Dodge Ram pick up trucks that were diesel electric. The trucks were sold before there were even built.  That says a lot for how popular the diesel hybrid electric is going to be when it finally hits the mainstream.

    Diesel Electric Hybrid Cars

    Even Volkswagen and Mercedes are getting on the band wagon. Both auto makers will be bringing out diesel electric cars (hybrids) to go with their gas electric hybrid cars and al electric cars later this year or next year.

    What’s all the hype?  Simply put the diesel electric hybrid will get an additional 50 miles to the gallon over the gas electric hybrid car.  Add to the fact that diesel is less expensive then gas in the first place.

    Advantages of Diesel Engine

    There are several reasons why the diesel engine is the better choice in almost all ways then the gasoline driven vehicle. Diesel already gets 30% better mileage then your average gas guzzler, the engines are more powerful, and the motors in a diesel vehicle last almost twice as long as a gas vehicles motor does. Add the electric aspect of the hybrid to that and hands down the diesel electric hybrid will win in any contest against the gas electric hybrid car.