• Free Car Price Quote: Hidden Fees

    If you’re in the market for a free car price quote, you’ll find oftentimes the amount of money you end up spending for your new or used car is several hundred to a few thousand dollars more than that which was quoted to you in the estimate. The reason for this is hidden fees. Free car pricing guides include only the retail price of the car, not the variety of other mandatory expenses that are associated with the new vehicle. Be aware of these potentially hidden fees when you analyze your free car quote lists so you can accurately assess exactly how much money you’ll need to have prepared to spend on a new car you purchase.

    Registration and Titling

    The first fees you’re likely to encounter when you purchase a car are those associated with registering and titling the vehicle. These fees are not exorbitant, but they can cost a decent amount of money. If you choose to purchase a specialized license plate design or customized license plate numbers and letters, you’ll likely need to pay even more for this service. Generally, however, registration and titling your vehicle costs less than $200.


    Although it’s not a hidden fee by any means, you should also be careful to factor in the cost of insuring your new vehicle. If you already own other cars, you’ll have to consult with your insurance company to add another vehicle onto your insurance policy. Doing so will increase the costs of your premium. If this new vehicle is your first, you should contact a car insurance company as soon as possible after receiving the car, so you can arrange to insure the vehicle before you begin to drive it. Failure to have insurance on your car is illegal.

    Emissions Fees

    Depending upon where you live, you may need to pay an emissions fee if your vehicle does not meet your state’s or your jurisdiction’s standards for pollution. This is an important consideration to keep in mind when you’re selecting a car. Cars that pollute at a level that is deemed unacceptable by the state will require additional fees that can amount to up to $500 or so, so this fee is not insignificant.

    Inspections for the Car

    The car will need to receive regular inspections in order to meet the standards of the road and, especially, it is not polluting more than it is allowed. Emissions inspections and other inspections of this type generally cost around $100 per inspection, and most inspections are required once per year.

    There may be other hidden fees associated with the costs of purchasing your new car as well. For further information about this, consult with a dealer before you make your final selection and purchase your vehicle. While some of these fees are unavoidable, others can be bypassed depending upon what type of vehicle you buy and how you go about the process.