• Four Tips For Buying A Used Nissan 240SX

    With used Nissan 240SX models currently in the mix, the “sporty” vehicle was originally offered to sports car enthusiasts over a period of years on the American market. Learning more about this specialty car will help buyers make informed decisions about a used Nissan 240SX.

    • Research Zenki and Chuki periods – The Japanese auto maker classified the Nissan 240SX into two eras: the Zenki (beginning period) prior to 1990 and the Chuki (middle period) in the 1990s, until 1994, the last year for this car on the American market.
    • Research the S13 and S14 – these two models represent the two successive “generations” of the Nissan 240SX, and some different features apply. Look for specific model information for either the S13 or S14.
    • Check out coupe, hatchback or convertible options – the body type on the varies slightly. Take a look at the different models of the used Nissan 240SX available.
    • Know about “engine swapping” – the Nissan 240SX has been called “under-powered”, and drivers have attempted several solutions. One of these is engine swapping, where the original KA24DE engine is replaced by other Japanese engine types such as the Nissan “skyline” engine. Another option is to turbo-charge the engine with a kit. Check to see if the Nissan 240SX model you are looking at has been customized for power, or if it is feasible for that model.
    • Learn about transmission options – some drivers have been known to actually dismantle a transmission pressure sensor on the Nissan 240SX to give the handling a different feel. Check to see what kind of transmission (4 speed automatic or 5 speed manual) applies and if anything has been done to customize it.

    With plenty of used Nissan 240SXs on the market, all with varied features, you can find the one that’s an exact fit for you.