• Four Tips For Buying a Used Jaguar XJR

    The Jaguar XJR is part of a large model series of executive cars offered to the choosy American driver, and today, you may find an used Jaguar XJR in any part of the country. The British mark, acquired in turn by Ford in 1989 and Tata Motors in recent years, makes a number of luxury vehicles that are popular in the U.S. Here are some tips for comparing the used Jaguar XJR models offered for sale through classifieds or on a dealer’s lot.

    • Learn about the Jaguar XJR Sportscar and the Jaguar XJR luxury car series – the tag “XJR” is used for a specific set of vehicles that includes both a racing car series and a street luxury car type. Differentiate between Jaguar XJR models to make sure you know what you’re referring to.
    • Invesitgate the Jaguar XJ series – the Jaguar XJ series is more than any one car model. It includes the Jaguar XJ, XJ6, XJ8, XJ12, Vanden Plas, XJR, and Super V8. Read up on related models to compare the XJR to its “cousins” that have come off of the Jaguar line.
    • Use consumer auto sites – sites like Edmunds.com (http://www.edmunds.com/jaguar/xjr/review.html), a leading auto site for consumers, have a wealth of information about the Jaguar XJR. Use these resources to read up on specific models.
    • Check for power – the XJR and related types shipped with a 3.2L or a 4.0L engine. Check engine specs to see how much power is under the hood of your Jaguar XJR.

    These starting tips will help selective drivers make informed decisions about their next Jaguar ride and whether a specific XJR model is right for them.