• Extended Hyundai Warranty Coverage Options

    Although Hyundai offers some of the best standard warranty options of the entire auto industry, an extended Hyundai warranty is nonetheless a very good idea for someone who seeks a bit more peace of mind before they purchase a new vehicle. If you have a driving history that includes frequent damage to major systems of your vehicle, such as the engine, transmission, air conditioning or something else along those lines, you may wish to invest in a Hyundai extended warranty for your new vehicle from the Hyundai manufacturing plant. Fortunately, Hyundai offers a wide selection of different warranty plans that you can add on to your existing Hyundai warranty at the time of the car purchase. These plans typically range in price from several hundred dollars up to around $2,000.

    Extended Powertrain Warranty

    The standard Hyundai powertrain warranty is shorter than the general bumper to bumper warranty coverage plan, which is 10 years from the time of purchase of the vehicle or 100,000 miles driven on the car, whichever comes around first. The most basic Hyundai extended warranty plan increases the duration of the powertrain warranty to match that of the bumper to bumper warranty. Therefore the extended powertrain warranty certifies your powertrain (the engine, transmission, and drive axle of your Hyundai vehicle) for protection for 10 years or for 100,000 driven miles, whichever comes around first.

    Silver Extended Warranty Plan

    The next level of extended warranty beyond the basic powertrain warranty extension option is the Silver extended warranty plan. Under this plan, your powertrain is covered for 10 years or 100,000 miles of driving. But Hyundai also offers to protect the electrical components of your vehicle, the air conditioning system, the steering, the front suspension and the brakes on your car. Not all of the various sub-components of these different systems are entirely protected under the Silver plan, however.

    Gold Plus Extended Warranty Plan

    Following the Silver extended warranty plan, the Gold Plus plan is the next level up and offers extended protection over additional components in your Hyundai vehicle. The Gold Plus plan covers the various parts of the car guaranteed by the powertrain and the Silver warranties, but it also covers many of the front and rear suspension components, additional electrical parts of the car, and the fuel heating and cooling systems as well. All in all, the Gold Plus plan covers nearly 300 components of the vehicle.

    Platinum Extended Warranty Plan

    Hyundai’s most comprehensive extended warranty coverage plan is the Platinum. This coverage plan will take care of the cost of repairing and replacing roughly 500 components of your Hyundai. These include all of the engine parts, a larger selection of steering, suspension, electrical, brakes, air conditioning and other parts as well. The Platinum extended warranty plan also takes car of the audio components of your car too.

    Ask your Hyundai dealer for more information about extended warranties.