• Extended Car Warranty Ratings: Customer Reviews

    It’s a good idea to check extended car warranty ratings before buying an extended warranty for your vehicle as these ratings can influence your decision of which company to opt for. It’s also advisable to read comments posted by other consumers online, as these customer reviews can guide you in your choice of a reputed car warranty company.

    Customer Reviews

    You must take time to go online and read some of the reviews written by both satisfied and dissatisfied customers. A consumer report can give you a fair idea of what to expect in your future dealings with any particular warranty provider, should you need to make a claim. You can weigh all the pros and cons and decide whether you need an extended warranty, exactly how intensive a coverage you need and which company you should purchase the warranty from. You can also get important tips on how to go about making a claim and what steps you need to take in the event that the claim is denied.

    Finding Extended Car Warranty Ratings

    Coverage limits including inclusions and exclusions can tell you a lot about the warranty. The best warranties are those that list the exclusions. It’s important to research auto warranty companies by looking up AutoProtection.com or ConsumerReports.org. You can also get auto warranty company ratings from the Better Business Bureau, A.M. Best, and Standard and Poor’s. The Better Business Bureau chronicles a list of past complaints made against insurers and the resolution rates of such complaints. Sites such as A. M. Best and Standard and Poor’s also give you insurer ratings. Research done through such independent feedback sites is well worth the time spent as it ensures your peace of mind.

    Reputed Auto Warranty Companies

    Some of the best rated car warranty companies are those that are accredited by the Better Business Bureau as such companies are reliable and follow through with the type of coverage they promise to provide. They also allow you to choose the repair shop you want to use. Any car warranty company that has received an “F rating” from the BBB should be avoided by you. Some of the auto warranty companies accredited by BBB are AA Auto Protection, Mogi, CARCHEX, WARRANTY DIRECT and US Direct Protect.

    Top Independent Auto Warranty Companies

    AA Auto Protection offers more than 10 types of warranties, requires no down payment and allows you to pay over a period of 18 months. Mogi also offers a wide range of warranties and allows you to make a customized plan as per your desired coverage and budgetary requirements. CARCHEX is another auto warranty company that offers low priced warranties as it analyzes your needs and gives you a quote according to the coverage tier you choose and the type of vehicle you drive. WARRANTY DIRECT has a money-back guarantee, an unlimited number of claims, free roadside assistance and has over 2 million satisfied customers. Similarly, US Direct Protect also has a wide range of plans and offers roadside assistance.

    Car repairs are expensive and the newer and more sophisticated cars are even more costly to repair. Thus, there is no better way to protect the investment in your car than purchasing an extended warranty. A good warranty from a reputed company is what you should aim to buy. Ratings and reviews can help you in this regard.