• European Hybrid Car Reviews

    Hybrid car reviews in Europe are amazingly different than those reviews you will find in the US. The key is that the European reviewing community will review most vehicles, even if it will never see the light of day.

    Manufacturer’s Orientation

    Further, the European hybrid car review will discuss vehicles that are concepts which go back a decade, and will report on where they are today. American hybrid car reviews report on what’s out there and what is really going on with it.

    It seems as if the European hybrid car reviewing community is great at accepting the information given to them from the manufacturers first hand without testing it out. Maybe they don’t have a chance of making it to the market. For example, Britain’s Lightning Electric Coupe is claimed to have a top end of 133 mph, but has anyone ever seen one out there for a real test?

    Real World Car Reviews

    Contrast that with the Honda Civic Hybrid. Built in the US, the Hybrid has been put through its paces by every automotive website and car enthusiast magazine and website. The views expressed are there to give the potential buyer all of the information they need.

    European writers will discuss pie–in-the-sky vehicles like the Pininfarina B0, a four-place micro-hybrid that will not be released on a test track, nor will it see a US showroom. In contrast, the Toyota’s Prius, also built in the US, is a great example of an American hybrid car available and has real world specifications you can talk about and use.