• Enclosed Auto Transport: 4 Advantages and 2 Disadvantages: Vehicle Shipping

    When you get your car transported in enclosed carriers on roads, you are using the enclosed auto transport option to ship your vehicle. Although enclosed auto transport is more expensive when compared to the open transport option (which is the standard and cheaper method of auto transport), transporting your cherished vehicle by enclosed auto transport can ensure your peace of mind. This is because by using this mode of car shipment, you make sure that your car is sheltered from external elements that cause damage and that it reaches its destination in good condition.

    Advantages of Enclosed Auto Transport:

    1. Safety

    The main advantage of choosing enclosed auto transport is safety. Enclosed auto transport means that your car is transported in a truck that is boxed and closed. Your car is therefore protected from any damage by road debris or bad weather. This would not be the case if an open carrier was used to transfer the vehicle.

    2. Immobility

    Enclosed auto carriers are smaller and can accommodate only one vehicle. The smaller size and special securing mechanism mean that your car is clamped in place and can’t move while the enclosed auto trailer is in motion.

    3. Protection for Expensive Cars

    The added protection means that it’s worthwhile to spend a few hundred dollars extra on transport, especially if your car is in mint condition, or it’s a vintage or cherished car.

    4. Convenience

    As enclosed auto transport is not often chosen by customers, auto transport companies are more flexible, and can arrange pickups and drop offs at times that are convenient for you.

    Disadvantages of Enclosed Auto Transport:

    1. Expense

    The main and only disadvantage of enclosed auto transport is that it’s more expensive than transport by open carriers. It can often cost up to $500, which can put it beyond one’s budget.

    2. Other Options

    It might be worthwhile to sell the car and buy a new one, especially if the car is an old one and has seen better days.

    Enclosed auto transport is a better option, although it’s more expensive as it protects your car from environmental damage.