• eBay Car Shipping How to Guide: Understanding Costs and the Fees Involved

    eBay car shipping is a convenient way to get your vehicle transported. This means that if you have bought a car on the Internet through an auction, eBay car shipping will help you get the vehicle transported to your home. eBay shipping helps you find a reliable, reputable and affordable car transportation service to transport the vehicle from a distant location. Many such transportation services offer discounted rates to owners who use eBay services.

    Understanding the Costs and Fees Involved in Shipping the Car Home

    You can get multiple quotes from different transportation companies through eBay, and choose the one that gives you the best value for your money. There is an extra fee known as the shipping fee for transporting the vehicle. You as the customer, have to pay this shipping fee. The weight and size of the vehicle will determine the shipping cost of the vehicle, as the charges are higher for heavier and larger vehicles. You should also be aware that the cost of transportation has to be paid in advance, although some transportation companies are willing to accept a partial deposit amount. They take the full payment on delivery.

    Departmental Costs

    All buyers have to pay fees according to the regulations of the state they reside in. These expenses include taxes, registration fees and title charges. It’s best to consult the local DMV for these expenses. Tax is based on the sale price of the vehicle. In addition to this, buyers have to pay a State Inspection Fee, Vehicle Inventory Tax and a service fee towards the inspection of the vehicle prior to its sale and shipment. There is also a document fee for the administrative services such as paperwork, title filing, mailing and copying costs. All these fees are non-negotiable.

    Other Hidden Costs and Fees

    There are several other fees that should be considered, as there are hidden costs that can significantly increase the cost of your new car. These hidden costs include insurance costs and fees, length-of-trip fees and administration charges. In addition to the above mentioned expenses, you might also have to incur dealer fees. You should check the listing price to confirm whether the dealer fees are included or not.


    In your interest, you should make sure you don’t become a victim of an eBay car shipping scam. You can do this by getting the history record of the car you wish to buy. You should also insist on paying by PayPal and not by personal checks. The VIN of the car that arrives at your doorstep should match that of the car on the eBay listing.

    You should negotiate with the transportation service to obtain a cheap rate and ask for discounts, as there is a lot of competition amongst various companies. Look for a company that’s reputed and popular, and one that offers you affordable rates as well.