• Driver Safety Comparison: Toyota Camry vs. Toyota Camry Solara

    When it comes to buying a car, safety should always be one of the most important concerns, especially when deciding between a Toyota Camry and Solara. Lucky for you, both the Toyota Camry and Solara received excellent ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Institute in frontal and side crash test ratings.

    As you can see from these helpful charts on CarsDirect, every Trim model of the Toyota Camry and the Toyota Solara received 5 star ratings on Frontal and Rear crash ratings. In addition to the tests that were done by the NHTSI, the federal government also found that both the Camry and the Solara had excellent rollover ratings.

    In terms of safety features, the Solara comes with anti-lock brakes and a Direct Tire Pressure Monitor system standard on all models. Options include vehicle stability control, traction control and brake assist systems. The Toyota Camry offers many of the same features and, as Toyota’s most popular model, has been shown to be one of the safest cars on the road.

    In conclusion, since the safety features and ratings of the Solara and Camry are so similar, you may want to look at other criteria when deciding which car you want to purchase.