• Dodge Warranty Coverage Options

    When purchasing a new or used Dodge vehicle, it’s important to know what type of Dodge warranty coverage is available for the vehicle. Many warranty coverages are included in the purchase price, especially when buying new. There are also options for upgrading warranty coverage for used vehicles, and knowing this information before problems arise will help you be clear on what is protected and how to take advantage of reimbursement for repairs.

    1. Dodge Factory Warranty

    All new vehicles are sold with a Dodge warranty that covers bumper to bumper parts and labor necessary for repairs resulting from faulty workmanship, materials or factory preparation. This warranty offers coverage for 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. Tires are excluded from the warranty, as they are generally covered under their own manufacturer’s warranty. Towing to the nearest Chrysler dealership may be included if the vehicle is not able to be driven due to a covered problem. There is a search feature on the official Dodge website that will reveal your vehicle’s current warranty coverage by year and model of vehicle.

    2. Dodge Lifetime Powertrain Warranty

    Since 2006, Dodge has been providing additional, lifetime coverage for the powertrain. This Dodge warranty is available on most vehicles, with the exception of SRT models, diesel engine vehicles, some fleet vehicles, Ram Chassis Club, Sprinter and certain Hybrid System components. The powertrain warranty covers major vehicle systems such as the engine, transmission and drive system for as long as you own the vehicle. This coverage is not transferable to secondary owners.

    3. Extended Dodge Warranty

    Dealers may offer a Dodge warranty that extends beyond the initial coverage included in the basic limited, new car warranty, both in time and covered parts. This is referred to by Dodge as the Added Care Plus Plan and includes more than 800 selected major components. This plan is an upgrade that may be purchased during the time of your initial Dodge factory warranty, or it may be offered as an incentive to purchase a Dodge Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. Covered components may differ between new and used purchase, but will generally cover parts and systems such as the air conditioning, brakes, electrical, engine, driveline, suspension, steering and more. There is a $100 deductible for this plan for each use. You may also qualify for car rental assistance, roadside assistance, trip interruption and a transfer option good for when you sell the vehicle.

    4. Aftermarket Warranty Coverage

    If your Dodge warranty has expired and there are no further options for upgrade from the manufacturer, you may have the option to purchase an aftermarket warranty from a qualified service provider. If you wish to feel the satisfaction of having parts and labor covered for major repairs, there are many companies that specialize in providing this service. You will want to research business practices and reliability for any company that you choose. It’s also very important to carefully read the terms and conditions of your contract, before paying any money. This way, you’ll be completely clear on what’s covered, what’s excluded and how to go about submitting a claim for repairs.