• Do Turbo Diesel Cars Perform Better than other Diesel Cars?

    Many people know that turbo diesel cars are slightly modified versions of regular diesel vehicles. Both have internal combustion engines, but the turbo charged version which improves diesel engine performance. The turbo charge is a “forced induction” compressor which utilizes the exhaust gas given off by the diesel engine. It is said to improve engine power as well as air flow.

    Are they Better?

    Apart from the increased and improved air flow inside a turbo charged diesel engine, you also get better low speed torque. It has better towing capabilities compared with regular diesel and gasoline cars. This may be the reason that many farm workers use turbo diesel vehicles for their off road terrain.  People who own turbo charged diesels have commented at the amount of fuel economy they receive compared to diesel and gasoline cars too. They spotted a marked difference between the 25-30 mpg they received from their gasoline car and the 40-50 mpg from their turbo diesel vehicle.

    Further Differences

    Turbo diesel car performance has also been noted as more quiet than regular diesels. There was a time when a diesel car could easily be identified by the dreadful noise it made, and this is no longer the case with some newer turbo diesel cars. The newer and more fuel efficient diesel engine also produces far less carbon monoxide than gasoline cars, and therefore emissions are not so much of a concern with turbo diesel and diesel engines. Turbo diesel engines also have increased acceleration, which makes them feel far more sporty than a regular diesel car.