• Disadvantages Of Buying A Used Car On Ebay

    Buying a used car on eBay may be easier due to the vast number of listings and eBay’s extensive reach, but it also has some disadvantages that potential buyers should keep in mind.

    Used Car eBay – No Manufacturer’s Warranty

    Depending on how old it is, used eBay cars (trucks) may not carry a manufacturer’s warranty any longer. This isn’t any different than if you bought a used car through any other means, except that you may be able to get extended warranties by buying through dealers. If a dealer lists on eBay, you may have a better chance at getting a warranty.

    Financing More Difficult For Used Car eBay

    Again, depending on how old the vehicle is, or how many miles it has, and the condition of the vehicle, it may be difficult to obtain financing. Some lenders may not want to touch vehicles over 8 years old or with more than 100,000 miles. Financing may also be contingent on inspection – which may turn up problems.

    Buying a Car on eBay – Financing May Be More Expensive

    Used car financing is more expensive than new car loans, and some lenders may not be interested in the deal. If they do quote you rates for your used car on eBay, you will definitely pay more money than for a new car. This is true wherever you buy your used car, however, and not just limited to eBay. When you look at eBay BMW cars that are 1995 or older, for example, finding financing may be cost prohibitive.

    Difficulties With eBay Classic Cars

    If you’ve been searching for that coveted eBay classic car and finally find what you want, you may have several problems. It may not be able to be financed (too old, too expensive, too difficult to repair, etc.). The vehicle may not be what it seems (photos and descriptions can be deceiving or fraudulent). You may wind up paying far more than the vehicle is worth. It’s difficult to accurately gauge how much a classic car is worth. You really need to do considerable research on comparable sales – and not just used car eBay sales.

    You Don’t Know The Seller

    With used car eBay listings, you never really know the seller. Even if it’s a sale by a dealer, unless it’s a dealer you’ve purchased from before on the lot, you don’t know them. Often these dealers are out-of-state operators. If the seller is an individual, you’re really taking a chance. Your best precaution is to thoroughly read everything in the listing and immediately contact the seller (dealer or private sale) with your list of questions. Do email and telephone contact, and follow-up. Also check the seller’s feedback to get a better idea of their trustworthiness in previous sales – whether or not they’ve sold vehicles on eBay.

    Photos Can Be Retouched

    Anyone with PhotoShop can retouch pictures to make them appear better than the actual condition. Dings, scratches, gouges, scrapes and damage may not be visible, or have been corrected. You also don’t really know if the picture you’re looking at is the real vehicle, or a similar one. Make any offer contingent on a thorough pre-inspection and your own satisfaction.

    Buying a Used Car on eBay – Should You?

    Bottom line, be diligent.  Check all details, order vehicle history, pre-inspection, get financing, and arrange shipping. Be aware of the disadvantages, but if you get satisfactory answers, feel free to go for it. Also, be sure that the vehicle carries the eBay Vehicle Protection Coverage. If not, don’t buy.