• Diesel Consumption: Are Diesel Cars more Fuel Efficient?

    Diesel consumption is typically lower when compared to gasoline consumption. Diesel and gasoline are two separate fuels and also require two different engines. Diesel cars are always going to be compared to gasoline cars since they are pretty much the top two rivals in the fuel industry. Diesel fuel is much more efficient than gasoline. This is due to diesel having a higher energy content in the fuel compared to the energy that gas has. In a gallon of diesel, there is approximately one third more energy, making diesel 33% more fuel efficient than gasoline. This means that diesel cars can become really popular in the United States, where many car buyers are looking for the most fuel economy to save them the most money. The problem with diesel is that it does not burn as cleanly as gasoline, so diesel cars do not always pass their emissions tests. Not only is diesel car fuel efficiency higher than gasoline, but the price difference is not bad either. On average, diesel costs more than gasoline. However, the difference is typically under 10%. Since diesel is 33% more fuel efficient, this means that diesel will get you more bang for your buck when you factor in price into the equation. Diesel provides several advantages over gasoline as well. Typically there is more power in cars with diesel, which means improved acceleration and performance. Also, depending on the type of diesel car you get, you may be eligible for a government rebate for buying a diesel car.