• Comparing Salvage Title Cars That Are For Sale

    Salvage title cars for sale can come from several sources and differing circumstances. Understanding how the car was damaged, and the extent of damage, should make finding the best value easier.

    Salvage Vehicle Dealers

    Salvage vehicle dealers may seem the best source for buying a car, but the dealer may have no idea about the level of damage repaired or the quality of the repair. Consulting an actual repair shop or the dealer’s source should help to discover some of the history. Salvage vehicle dealers on the Internet often deal in rebuildable salvage cars so the purchaser can see the actual damages, making it easier to realistically compare vehicles.

    Cars Totaled in Accidents

    Cars “totaled” by insurance companies have damages that are impractical to repair. The insurance company will base this judgment on blue book value versus repair costs. This means a lower valued vehicle could be totaled with less damage than that of a higher valued vehicle. Older, rebuildable salvage cars might offer the best value for the money, by comparison.

    Recovered Stolen Cars

    Recovered stolen cars may offer the best value in salvage title cars. In some cases, stolen vehicles are recovered after the insurance company has paid the claim. Damage to these vehicles could be limited to high-theft parts only, such as airbags and wheels. An insurance company might have “totaled” the car in order to pay the claim.

    Flood Cars

    Flood cars are those damaged by a natural disaster. This damage can be sustained in fresh or saltwater. Saltwater is more corrosive, but damage is related more to water level than type. If water reaches the sensitive electronic components, serious and expensive damage can occur to the electrical system. Corrosion of connections can be accelerated by electrical currents, and problems can show up after the system has been dried. Other flood vehicles may only require upholstery and seating replacements, and a good cleaning.

    Before purchasing a car with a salvage title, do as much research on the vehicle as you can. Ask for a show of receipts to see how much history you can uncover regarding why the vehicle was salvaged.