• Comparing Honda Pilot Trim Models: A Buyers Guide

    The Honda Pilot is a popular cross over SUV that comprises 4 different Honda Pilot trim models. These different models are the Honda Pilot LX, which is the basic model, the Honda Pilot EX, the Honda Pilot EX-L and the Honda Pilot Touring, which is the premium luxury model of the vehicle. If you’re set on purchasing a Honda Pilot, or even if you haven’t yet made up your mind but are considering purchasing one of these vehicles, you’ll do well to research the various trim models to get a sense of how they compare to one another. Obviously, the most basic model is the least expensive, and the various trim models increase in price up to the luxury model. However, purchasing a fully outfitted trim model of the Honda Pilot is often cheaper than purchasing one that has fewer upgrades and optional add-ons, and customizing the vehicle by adding those accessories later on. For this reason, it’s good to be totally informed about the various options at your selection.

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    One important thing to keep in mind is that all 4 of the Honda Pilot trim models have a great number of features and specs in common. For instance, all of the various trim models have the same engine: a V6 engine with 3.5 liter capacity and up to 250 horsepower. The seating arrangement and overall design of each of the 4 models is also the same, and you won’t find that the interior space changes between the models. Rather, the differences between trim models generally comprise differences in optional accessories and luxury add-ons.

    Honda Pilot LX

    The Honda Pilot LX is the least expensive and most basic version of the vehicle. It features:

    • Keyless entry
    • Power accessories including cruise control
    • CD player/MP3 player
    • Telescoping and maneuverable steering wheel
    • 17 inch steel wheels

    Honda Pilot EX

    The Honda Pilot EX is the next model up from the LX. It features all of the accessories listed above for the LX, with the exception of those that follow that are improvements over those add-ons. In addition to or in substitution for the accessories of the LX, the Honda PIlot EX features:

    • In dash 6-disc CD changer
    • Satellite radio connection
    • Adjustable driver seat
    • Automatic climate control and air condition
    • 17 inch alloy wheels instead of steel

    Honda Pilot EX-L

    The next model up the line is the Honda Pilot EX-L. This vehicle improves further upon the luxury amenities available in the EX model, and is consequently more expensive than either the EX or the LX. The EX-L model of the Honda Pilot contains a back up camera that is mounted on the rear view mirror, heated leather seats and a sunroof in addition to the various add-ons from the EX.

    Honda Pilot Touring

    The Honda Pilot Touring is the top end model that includes an optional rear seat entertainment system, a navigation system, Bluetooth capacity and an upgraded sound system.

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