• Comparing Honda Odyssey Trim Models: A Buyers Guide

    The Honda Odyssey trim models are four different levels of luxury outfitting for the Odyssey minivan. In order from base to most expensive, they are the Honda Odyssey LX, the Honda Odyssey EX, the Honda Odyssey EX-L, and the Honda Odyssey Touring. Read on for a brief description of these different models and how they compare with one another.

    Honda Odyssey LX

    The Honda Odyssey LX is the base model of this minivan. It features a standard set of amenities, including a CD player and mp3 player with standard soundsystem, remote keyless entry, power windows and accessories, and more. This trim model is typically priced at about $1000 less than the EX, which is the next model up the line.

    Honda Odyssey EX

    The EX is the next model up from the LX. It features climate control systems, enhanced wheels, and a number of other additional amenities that aren’t found in the LX model of this car.

    Honda Odyssey EX-L

    The EX-L is the third type of trim model of the Odyssey minivan. This is close to the top of the line, and features an optional DVD entertainment system for the rear seats, leather heated seats and a sun roof.

    Honda Odyssey Touring

    The Touring is the highest level of trim model for the Honda Odyssey minivan. In addition to the various amenities in the EX-L, this vehicle also features a rear view mirror mounted camera that helps to guide you as you back the vehicle up. It features a full navigation system and a sun and moon roof.