• Comparing Honda CRV Trim Models: A Buyers Guide

    If you’ve decided on a Honda CRV as the car for your next purchase, you’ll need to investigate the various Honda CRV trim options that are available as well. Submodels like the Honda CRV LX and the Honda CRV EX offer different specifications and other options in addition to the basic features of the Honda CRV. There are 8 different trim options for the Honda CRV, including 4 unique options with 2-wheel drive and 4 unique options with 4-wheel drive. The prices of these different trim options can vary by several thousand dollars, so spending a little time familiarizing yourself with all of the various choices that you have can really help to save you money, in addition to helping you to get the car that is best for your needs and budget.

    Honda CRV LX

    The Honda CRV LX is the base model of the CRV. It is the cheapest option of all of the various trim models of this car, and it consequently provides the fewest optional add ons in comparison with the other vehicles in this list. A 2 wheel drive CRV LX retails for just under $20,000, while a 4 wheel drive version of the Honda CRV LX is generally a couple thousand dollars more expensive.

    The CRV LX comes complete with a set of basic features, including power steering and brakes, remote keyless entry, power windows, AM/FM stereo and more. This is an excellent choice of trim model for those with a lower budget available to spend on a vehicle or for people who don’t desire to have optional add ons on their car.

    Honda CRV EX

    The Honda CRV EX is the next model up on the scale of trim models for this vehicle. It costs several hundred dollars more than the LX, and features a disc changer, sun roof and optional moon roof as well.

    Honda CRV EX-L

    The next trim model up on the scale of Honda CRVs is the EX-L. This vehicle contains some more luxury add-ons, including heated mirrors, climate control options and full AC, a top-of-the-line steering wheel with stereo controls included and heated leather seats. Both the 2 wheel drive and the 4 wheel drive options for the Honda CRV EX-L cost an additional 2000 dollars or so over the cost of the Honda CRV EX, making this particular trim model a good choice for people with extra cash to spend on a car, or for those who desire to have a full set of luxury options for their vehicle.

    Honda CRV EX-L with Navigation

    The final model of the Honda CRV is the EX-L with Navigation. This model of vehicle is essentially the same as the Honda CRV EX-L, except it also has a full GPS navigation system included at the time of purchase. The vehicle is typically a few hundred dollars more expensive than the CRV EX-L model.