• Comparing Honda Civic Trim Models: A Buyers Guide

    The Honda Civic is one of the most popular cars on the market today, and it has several different Honda Civic trim models that correspond to different budgets and levels of luxury. The following article details the various trim models for the Honda Civic sedan. There are many other variations on this car as well, including a hybrid model, so it may be best to also visit the Honda website for additional information about the other trim models of the Honda Civic. The following models are among the most popular, however.

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    Honda Civic DX

    The Honda Civic DX is the lowest level model of the Honda Civic sedan. It features a basic set of features that includes an AM/FM stereo, basic climate control and more. This is the least expensive Civic option, but it is important to keep in mind that the engine and the functionality of the vehicle are the same as more expensive trim models, as is the safety rating.

    Honda Civic DX-VP

    The Honda Civic DX-VP is the next trim model available after the Honda Civic DX. This model features a CD player with an MP3 player input jack, an enhanced speaker system, and more. The price is typically around $1000 higher than the Honda Civic DX model of the same year.

    Honda Civic LX

    The LX trim model features many of the same components as the Honda Civic DX-VP. However, it also features climate control, power windows and doors and remote keyless entry. Again, this model is typically about $1000 more expensive than the model previous to it.

    Honda Civic LX-S

    The Honda Civic LX-S model is the next step up after the Honda Civic LX model. It features the amenities of the LX, as well as a leather wrapped steering wheel, rear spoiler, improved trim in the interior of the car and more.

    Honda Civic EX

    The Honda Civic EX is considered a luxury version of the Honda Civic sedan. In addition to all of the various amenities that are provided in the LX-S model of the vehicle, the EX also features a GPS navigation system, improved disc brakes for the wheels of the car, a moonroof and more.

    Honda Civic EX-L

    The EX-L is the top end luxury model of the Honda Civic sedan. It is outfitted with the latest technology that is available for sedan size cars, including heated leather seats and a full leather interior. There is also a stabilization system to aid in your driving. This vehicle features luxury amenities without a huge price tag that is often present along with features of this kind. In most cases, the Honda Civic EX-L can be found for just over $20,000, and this price may be further reduced after dealer discounts.

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