• Comparing Electric Cars Past to Present

    Electric cars now available are sporty and fast with dynamic looks. People have come to realize that you can be eco-friendly and still have fun. If you buy used electric cars, you will realize how different they are from the new electric cars available today.

    History of Electric Cars

    Transportation is vital to life, but not at the cost of the environment. Electric cars were manufactured in response to this thinking, as car manufacturers sought to create cars that had low emissions and were more fuel efficient. The first electric vehicles were possibly manufactured as far back as 1832 in Scotland, and around a hundred years ago, cars were powered by steam, gasoline and electricity. However, the invention of the starter motor for the combustion engine made gasoline cars more popular and the manufacture of electric cars declined. The invention of the transistor made it possible to create an integrated circuit which led to the re-emergence of the electric car fifty years ago.

    Electric Cars in the Past

    The motors of earlier electric cars were not renowned for their reliability and there were many instances of overheating. Hybrid electric cars made in 2000 were 2-door, 2-seaters that were small and made of lightweight materials. Although these cars were very fuel efficient, they weren’t capable of high speeds and weren’t popular with consumers because of their basic design and small size. Their high purchase price was another factor that was a deterrent to buyers.

    Electric Cars in the Present

    Present day hybrid electric cars are bigger in size as well as highly fuel efficient. They are generally 4-door and capable of seating 5 passengers. Hybrid trucks and SUVS are also available in the hybrid car market. Most hybrid cars available today boast stylish, aerodynamic design and a score of safety features. They are also affordable.

    Consumers are now realizing that it’s beneficial to own electric cars rather than conventional ones as these cars are not only fast, economic, reliable and sporty, but also help in reducing emissions and preserving our environment.